Assalamualaikum everyone,  I would like to thank all of my readers for drop by at my blog and enjoy my writing. May my sharing would be blessed by The Almighty, InsyaAllah

So here is a short introduction about me. Any question or inquiries, do contact me (refer to right side of this blog-contact me)

      Name: N.F.M.K 
         Gender: Female
   A student and a future writer
         Hobbies: writing , playing badminton, playing keyboard(still a beginner), surf internet and reading 
 Studying in English for International Communication, IIUM
 Used to school at Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan Kota Bharu ( How much I am proud of this dude! 😍)

ps: Before hand, I would apologize if I have any grammatical error or any error whenever I'm using English words. Still a student. A nice quote that I had read once said, " Nobody is perfect. That is why pencils have erasers". I'm glad of any reprimand on my faults. Thank you!

                     Enjoy My Blog, Hope All Of You Enjoy My Writing


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