A Goodbye To Wardah

Assalamualaikum everyone! ❤ 

How are you? The weather for these few days keep changing. If the sun scorching until burning your skin in the morning, it would not necessary that the evening would be the same. Here in PJ? During morning I cannot bear the glare of the sun and the evening I turn up hiding in the blanket while both my hand cover up my ears from the deafening sound of the lightning. So, take care of yourselves okay? You might get fever or cough ( like me right now 😝) 

So here we go to the main topic. 
Sayonara Wardah! Here is the good news, we already done our foundation in cfs iium guys!

All of us are overjoyed after 1 year we stick together as roommate, it already come to its end. Actually not a really ending because we are still contact to each other but this time a little bit different because we are going to not meet for 4 months ( if I get into Pagoh, then we will meet again but please guys please make doa for me to continue my study in Gombak. I wish to be a teacher. I will post another entry special about my ambition)

At first Wardah is a super extremely quiet person. I swear guys! She is super duper quiet to the extend you can't imagine. She won't talk unless we approach her first even if we ask question, she will answer it as short as she can. My first expectation for her, I thought she is a boring person, have no friends, a person that you cannot make jokes and everything that is negative.

I tried to be natural with her, treat her like I treat my another roommates. Making silly jokes, wake them up for subuh prayer, ask them whether they want me to buy something when I go to mart.

Wardah just smile when I make jokes, no laughing, no reply. 😅

Slow by slow I makes silly jokes and there are improvement guys! She laugh but only in our room not in our class. So what I do is, I make jokes in class by teasing Wardah infront of my classmates, of course not offensive jokes for her. Then this early 3rd semester she starts doing jokes too! My friends become hers too, we laugh and tease each other. She is 180 degree different from Wardah that I met a year ago. She is the most funniest person in our room, seriously! 👻

It is always like this, everything become better when the end is near. I do love all of my roommates despite of their flaws and attitude that they have. ughhh! Nobody is perfect guys, that is why pencil has erasers. People make mistake, we are not angel. 

That's all maybe from me today, see ya ! 👋

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