A Short Note For Mr S

If you like me, it's okay to tell me. If you don't, stop acting like you do. 

You do give me hope once.

And you disappear without saying nothing.

I still waiting.

Stalking and watching your updates just to know whether you are in good or bad.

Maybe busy with your 'best friend' ?

Can you explain the real situation?

Because I am waiting for you.

Dare to dream

I was once told by one of my friends, "If you want your goals to be achieved, the very first step is you must start by write and read your goals everyday". Since I just restart blogging, thus I 
I would like to write my personal goals in my life that I think they are almost impossible to be achieved. But yeah, people say, DREAM BIG! 
Before hand, I would like to quote my very best friend, Hazlin. She told, "If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough". She used to remind me with this quote whenever i feel down or in lazy mood to study. She goods in motivate people guys. Need a person that can give advise that can make you feel that you have been knocked by 200 km/h train? She is the best place to go 😆😆😆
Without any delay, let's started with...
 I wish to have my degree in TESL shorter than the actual duration ( currently I am still in foundation )

 I wish after I have my degree, i would like to continue my master and PhD( InsyaAllah) in Europe and would complete them before I reach 30 years old ( Does it make sense?😕)

 I wish to expert in playing piano ( currently I just play keyboard and still learning)

 I wish to expert in archery. I often play archery but it still need to be improved ( please pray for me to join main campus in Gombak after I graduate my foundation. Lots of my lecturers recommended me to join archery club there. I wish I could do so. AMEEENNNN)

 I wish I can learn and expert in horse riding ( So envy with my friend, she attends horse riding class every weekend)

 I wish I can learn and expert in swimming 

 I wish I can be a good writer and produce my own book (this is my dream since primary school)

 I wish I can learn Mandarin and use it for daily days ( hoping to have a Chinese friends since I was so attracted with them)

 I wish I have no feelings to men and not to fall in love with any of them before I have my degree ( HAHAHA)

 I wish I can be an extrovert where communication and interacting with people become comfortable ( I am an introvert- always wish to be a talkative person)

 I wish people can 'see' me. ( complicated to be explained )

  I wish to be a good driver. What people always relate, driving + woman = reckless 😞

Actually these are 1/4 wishes and dreams. Let's keep the rest as secret 😁

People can dream. 
They should dream!
Their thoughts, their minds
Are their right
They can have this, They can have that
But everything begins with the first step
Dream and work your dream! 

New thing to my blog

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone! Currently it is 0055 and I am still awake facing my laptop scrolling social media *ahaks!* Since it is raya holiday and my nieces and nephew are not around so it is a very fortune time to.... BLOGGING!💕💕💕

New thing to my blog

So yeah, as i said earlier, i am scrolling 'lagha stuff' and i found a very interesting blog post by a Malaysian student who study in Japan. Wow! i read few posts from here blog and i was inspired by one of her post entitle "How To Improve Your English Writing Skills By Blogging" ( Do visit her blog guys!! ) and the post triggered me so much as i am also taking English Course. Having a good English especially in writing is extremely vital for a student who taking this course.

So yeah, to relate with the title of my late-night-and-inspired-post, New thing to my blog, i decided to make a bit different on blog( already think about this a very long longg time ago but only now have the courage to write - since I was so scared of people's judge) which is to write in English. However, I will also write in malay meh! 😆😆😆

Hope you are going to enjoy my coming English post and I would feel so honored if you have any comments ( especially to my grammar) or any suggestions. I feel free to have your words !

Thanks for reading readers!

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

–P.J. O’Rourke

Permulaan Yang Baru

Dalam beberapa tahun kebelakangan ni, aku cuba mencari suatu medium di mana aku dapat meluahkan rasa, melontarkan pendapat dan tempat untuk aku memberi pandangan. Kadang-kadang, suara dalaman bising tapi aku segan untuk berkata, segan meluahkan rasa. Mungkin sebab aku seorang yang ke arah introvert.

Kemudian aku teringat akan blog ini yang aku tubuhkan sejak 2011 kalau tidak silap aku, Ye, mungkin ini medium yang paling sesuai untuk aku. Melalui penulisan di blog.

Untuk 'bersuara' di laman-laman sosial seperti facebook dan instagram, aku agak malu untuk melontarkan kata. Mungkin juga sebab takut dikata fake bila di alam maya. 

So yeah, ni langkah pertama aku dan tulisan pertama aku untuk blog ini. InsyaAllah akan ada penulisan yang seterusnya. Mohon tunjuk ajar, komentar kepada semua pembaca. Dan aku sangat-sangat berharap untuk menjadi penulis sehebat Aiman Azlan, Afiq Sazlan, Ustaz Pahrol dan ramai lagi. Kebanyakan penulis hebat sekarang bermula dengan berblog. Jadi... aku cuba untuk mengikut langkah. 

Akhir sekali, terima kasih kerana membaca and wait for the next entry! 💖💖

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